100 Walking Illustrations


As many of you know, I've been working on a series of 100 Walking Illustrations! This series is being featured on my Instagram account @walkingmanstudios and examples can be found on the Portfolio Page of this site. 

Since starting my art business in 2013, people have consistently asked me "Why is it called 'WalkingMan Studios'?" My usual explanation involves showing off my tattoo of the walking man, and then proceeding to explain that I first drew him in 2007 while at Maryland Institute College of Art. He was inspired by cartoons from The New Yorker and became the star of one of the very first artist books I created. But the most important part of him is his posture and clothing choice! If you look closely, you can see that he does not wear any pants. Even with underpants only, he walks with his head held high. I like to look to him for the reminder of staying proud now matter what the situation is. The walking man character continues to be featured (sometimes hidden) in almost all of my paintings and illustrations. 

The more New Orleans based artwork I was doing, the more I felt the name of my company and the character of the walking man were becoming an afterthought. This did not sit well with me... So, this series of 100 Walking Illustrations inspired by photographs found on social media and those submitted by friends/fans has pushed the walking title even further. Each walking piece is meant to evoke a feeling of movement (physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, or just plain FUN). To me, this can represent growth in one's life and development "toward something bigger." With these illustrations, I hope to portray a joy that much art, culture and people are missing in modern times. By focusing in on joy with spiritual undertones, I'm aiming to show that "everyone walks the same path."

Here are a few examples of the work. They can also be found on my Instagram account and I will be having a show featuring all 100 once the series is complete!