Illustrations and Paintings by Maggie Covert LeBlanc

Illustration of Maggie in Chania, Greece (October 2015)

Illustration of Maggie in Chania, Greece (October 2015)

Maggie Covert received her Bachelor’s degree from Maryland Institute College of Art in Interdisciplinary Sculpture with a Concentration in Book Arts. She was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. Her home has made a huge impact on her art, as the culture, vitality, and architecture are hard to escape. 

Since Hurricane Katrina, Maggie has been exploring the ideas of losing the contributing factors that make a place home. She has been drawn to the repetitive nature of disastrous events along with the governmental, social, and geographic reactions to these. 

Her most recent work channels the whimsical nature of New Orleans’ architecture and characters. She continues to be drawn to details in the buildings and landscape of her hometown. Seeing the beauty and tireless work in each structure, She creates a connection to each establishment through the recreation of these in architectural drawings and paintings.

Maggie currently works with multiple local realtors and real estate companies providing personalized illustrations and paintings for them to gift to sellers or buyers at closing. Creating connections with others who love architecture and real estate is continually inspirational to Maggie’s craft and business growth. 

With her studio on Magazine Street in New Orleans, Maggie continues to work on Custom Home Portraits - for locals and many from other states such as Maryland, New York, Oregon and even receiving requests from the UK. Gaining experience with multiple commercial property drawings as well as album art and wedding invitations, she has branched out to stationary work allowing her to create custom notecards, postcards and custom wedding invitations.

In addition to the architectural work, Maggie has begun a series of "Walking Illustrations".  Each walking piece is meant to provoke a feeling of movement (physical, emotional, spiritual, mental)- growth in one's life and development. With these illustrations, Maggie hopes to portray a joy that much art, culture and people are missing in modern times. Focusing in on joy with a little whimsy and maybe even some historical or spiritual undertones, Maggie aims to show that "everyone walks the same path."